Mashle: When will it be released and how will it be released? Everything you need to know about Harry Potter and Crunchyrolls One Punch Man is a comic book adaptation of Harry Potter

Mashle: When will it be released and how will it be released? Everything you need to know about Harr ...

Mashle: Release Date, Story... Everything you need to know about the Harry Potter/Crawroll anime One Punch Man

Published on 01/04/2023 at 18:45

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Mashle will be granted a place among the regular titles in Weekly Shonen Jump, and we summarize everything you need to know about this humorous hybrid between Harry Potter and One Punch Man.


Mashle's release date? Where can I see it in France? What is Mashle's origin? Who are the artists involved? Who is Mashle's cast?Want to know more?

Mashle's release date is when will it be released?

The first episode of the anime adaptation of Mashle will air on April 7 - 24, which is typical in Japanese animation. Obviously, everything will be divided into two parts, which should give us two different opening and ending credits for this first season.

Mashle will be broadcast in France via Crunchyroll, although it will most likely be in simultaneous with Japan, as this would not cause a delay. The latter manga has been published in France by Kaze editions since April 7, 2021, which supports the series' strong standing.

What is the background of Mashle?

Mashle follows Mash Burnedead, a youngster who lives alone in a forest. His everyday life is limited to eating creamy dishes and doing bodybuilding exercises. However, in a world where magic rules, injustice is synonymous with death and thus the death penalty. But his hero will depend upon his extraordinary muscular ability.

Mashle's originators are who?

A-1 Pictures has created the Mashle anime, which has many well-known works. For video game enthusiasts, this name should not be forgotten since in the past, A-1 Pictures was the originator of the anime Persona: Trinity Soul or even Valkyria Chronicles.

What is the cast of Mashle?

Chiaki Kobayashi plays Mash, who we know for playing Askeladd in the Vinland Saga, but also Gabimaru, the hero of Hell's Paradise, who will air this spring. Lance Crown is played by Yakuya Eguchi (Loid Forger in Spy x Family), Finn Ames by Reiji Kawashima (Kanao in Demon Slayer), and Ueda Reina plays Lemon Irvine (Kanao in Chain

Do you want to know more?

Mashle was first published on January 27, 2020 in the weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Little by little, Hajime Koumoto's work received some recognition for its humorous aspect, which combines perfectly with the action aspect of a Shonen.

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