Atomic Heart performs all of its tasks [ ]

Atomic Heart performs all of its tasks [ ] ...

The list of all Atomic Heart quests will help you understand the passage's structure as well as identify the chapters in which the main events take place. You will not be able to skip side missions as well as determine in which tasks you must complete in order to defeat the bosses.

The guide lists all tasks in order, assuming optional missions and additional locations in the open world. Learn more about specific quests and bosses in Atomic Heart by reading and following the attached links.

All Atomic Heart missions are listed on this page.

Atomic Heart has over 50 quests that can be broken down into 11 main chapters according to the locations in which they pass, not counting the game's eventual conclusion. Below you'll find information on the various bosses you'll encounter during their execution.

The introduction of the main character, Major Nechaev, as well as the Soviet atmosphere of an alternative future are highlighted in the prologue, after which a robot riot will begin.

Let's be afloat in the next world.

Major Nechaev receives Professor Sechenov's first instructions and begins his journey to pursue the traitor Petrov. You will have to learn how to unlock piston locks, solve puzzles, and meet the first boss in this chapter.

Major Nechaev will be able to leave Enterprise 3826 as soon as the collection of flasks is completed.

When Major P-3 leaves the complex, he will find himself in a small local village and will visit Baba Zina. Here, you will learn about the Volan devices' new features, as well as how the local security system works, including robot factories, wind generators, and air vultures.

Due to an accident on the monorail, you will have to get off earlier and continue exploring the open world. In this section, you will have to find out the secret scientific Testing Grounds, from which you may obtain unique drawings of improvements to your arsenal. At the end of the chapter, you must defeat a strong boss in the arena of VDNKh Park.

Before entering the VDNKh Exhibition, you have to repair the main doors by yourself. Next, you must find Tereshkova's lost hand, which acts as a multi-key that can unlock the exhibition entrance. Once inside, Major P-3 will be confronted by another non-hostile robot, who will address several questions related to the USSR's scientific progress.

Major Nechaev will meet Yegor Molotov in the strange world of his subconscious in this chapter.

Major P-3 will be forced to return to Filatova's remote scientific lab once more. In this chapter, another open world location will be available, where four new scientific testing grounds will be located simultaneously. As soon as you locate the key-cookie and enter the closed doors, a meeting with Petrov will take place.

Petrov will have to overcome a series of challenges as well as confront a new piston lock cipher, in the form of burning light bulbs, as he begins and ends this chapter. He will listen to all of Petrov's revelations before he captures him.

Arriving at this location will allow you to explore the last two scientific ranges and obtain blueprints for weapon modifications. You will need to find and enter the secret entrance to the Pavlov Complex, where you will find important information. I will need to go there on the next order of Sechenov in order to retrieve important information in a biological vessel.

Major P-3 will complete the assignment with the delivery of the head at the most inopportune moment, but Filatova will appear and try to ruin the moment of triumph, after which you will have to face the next boss.

52. Bloody courier. 53. Limbo (2). 54. Everything was illuminated (at the end, you will have to fight the ROSA boss).

Major P-3 will uncover a lot of important plot information as well as hidden files that relate to key characters' secrets at the end. Together with Baba Zina, you will have to make a good Atomic Heart ending.

55. A shambles-lined basement. 56. A shambles-lined house. 57. An inconvenient truth. 58. Limbo (3).

The Major will have to face two stunning Twins in order to eventually reach Professor Sechenov, as well as after completing a grueling boss battle, which offers many fascinating plot points. This is the worst but canon end of Atomic Heart.

59. Finale (in this ending you will have to defeat two bosses - the Twins).

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