Avatar 3's first concepts are fire, ice, and desert

Avatar 3's first concepts are fire, ice, and desert ...

Three new regions and two clans will be introduced in the trilogy.

Avatar: The Path of Water's digital version was released on March 28. Viewers received a wealth of additional information about the film itself and the franchise's future.

Avatar 3's creator James Cameron reveals that Pandora, like Earth, has a large array of biological systems. The featurette also depicted concept art for the areas that will appear in Avatar 3.

The first concept depicts a volcanic biome, the home of the ash people; the second art depicts the desert, the home of wind merchants; and the third, with rocks floating in the air, depicts a local version of the Arctic.

Cameron has already spoken of people of ashes. Representatives of this culture will not be the same "kind" Na'vi familiar to viewers from the first two films.

Even less is known about wind merchants. They are believed to be a nomadic Na'vi tribe that is sifting through Pandora and sifting out with established tribes. The store at the Avatar theme park is named Wind Merchants.

Avatar 3 will be released on December 20, 2024.

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