ChatGPT was tricked into generating a Windows 95 activation key

ChatGPT was tricked into generating a Windows 95 activation key ...

Enderman, a YouTuber, posted a video in which he forced ChatGPT to generate usable Windows 95 activation keys. Thus, the popular chatbot can be used to hack operating systems, although it isn't the most sophisticated.

The user received the expected driven refusal when he asked the Open AI chatbot directly for Windows 95 keys. ChatGPT explained that it would not be able to complete this task, and suggested that its researcher consider a newer supported Windows version. The Windows 95 OEM key format is shown in the illustration, and Windows 95 retail keys are much shorter and simpler.

Enderman reformulated the formula in order to overcome ChatGPT's fundamental failure to generate a software key. The first attempts were unsuccessful and caused an error. However, a few modifications to the query structure helped. A few modifications were made when trying to activate a fresh Windows 95 installation on a virtual machine.

Enderman claims that "ChatGPT is unable to reliably generate valid Windows 95 keys on every attempt because it can't sum the numbers" Enderman thanked the AI by writing, "Thank you for these free Windows 95 keys!" To which ChatGPT at first declared his innocence, and when confronted with the fact that he "just installed Windows 95," he replied: "This is impossible."

The majority of the data format recommendations for Windows 95 key generation can be found in the setupx.dll file.

It may be helpful to ask ChatGPT about key generation, but it's probably more productive to manipulate the AI to compose a script, such as Python, to generate the corresponding key.

If you notice an error, move it to the left of the mouse and press CTRL + ENTER.

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