Epic Games is beginning to save money, reduce its staff, and reduce its costs

Epic Games is beginning to save money, reduce its staff, and reduce its costs ...

Jacob Wolf, a journalist and insider, said he received a letter from Epic Games' senior management, stating that the company is attempting to cut operating expenses. In 2023, Epic Games' management plans to pay attention to projects and initiatives that must be successful.

The company is also moving toward "zero hiring." There are currently no layoffs or layoffs planned, but the positions of employees who decide to depart will not be automatically filled by new people. The management will check regularly whether there is a pressing need for these positions.

After the completion of about a hundred critical positions, the number of employees will not be increased. These include, in particular, experts to create a collaborative multiverse with LEGO. All other positions will be removed from the site.

Management stated in the email that the company is looking for ways to "save money" and is open to suggestions and suggestions. Outsourcing, reducing hosting and user acquisition costs, reducing office expenses, and automating customer service are some possibilities.

Epic Games has announced a $17 million reduction in operating costs as one of the company's first major investments in recent history.

Many large businesses are in danger of a recession as a result of the economic situation at the start of 2023. In Microsoft, EA, Riot Games, Take-Two, and other gaming firms, layoffs have already begun.

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