Twitter verification will cost $1,000 per month, although some users will have it for free

Twitter verification will cost $1,000 per month, although some users will have it for free ...

According to the New York Times, verifying a company's Twitter account and a tick next to the name indicating this will cost the company $1,000 per month. However, exceptions will be made for some. This service will be free for the top 500 advertisers and the top 10,000 companies with the highest number of subscribers.

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Companies will be able to verify their employees as an additional service, such as for big newspapers, where journalists would be able to apply for an interview without having to repeat their identity. True, it will cost an additional $50 per month for each employee.

The Twitter administration has decided to provide a free service for verifying firms to the 500 largest advertisers on the platform, which may help the social network's struggling revenue – the largest advertising agencies have previously advised their clients to halt their cooperation with Twitter. However, it may also make it difficult for start-ups to build an audience on the platform, because they either have to compete with verified brands on unreliable terms or pay $1,000 per month.

When Twitter began issuing blue ticks to all Twitter Blue followers, brands are the most susceptible to imposters, and this was confirmed when the platform's administration instituted measures to combat this in the future. However, when changing a nickname or username, the company loses the checkmark while the verification process repeats.

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