Krafton: A PUBG publisher has acquired 10% of People Can Fly

Krafton: A PUBG publisher has acquired 10% of People Can Fly ...

Kraftonformalizes the intention to purchase a share of People Can Fly equal to 10%thus becoming a minority shareholder in the latter.

The information, which was first provided by People Can Fly at the start of the week and is now close to its conclusion, states that the Korean publisher is proceeding with the acquisition of 60% of series F shares. All this is related to the most recent release of 5.85 million shares of the aforementioned type.

Krafton will acquire 3.51 million shares at a price of PLN 141 million, which at the current exchange rate corresponds to 32.8 million dollars. This acquisition was "not only to stoke the growth of People Can Fly, but also to attract partners who implement it."

Further provisions follow, according to sources, concerning the publication of Project Victoria and Project Bifrost through the aforementioned self-publishing. In any event, People Can Fly will therefore be granted the rights of one of the best-known publishers in the gaming landscape due to the inclusion of PUBG on the list of the most played video games of 2022.

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