Brandon Sanderson recognizes that video games are much superior to books

Brandon Sanderson recognizes that video games are much superior to books ...

Is video gaming better than books? Brandon Sanderson, the author of science fiction and fantasy well-known for books like Mistborn and The storm archive, has answered the question quite clearly.

When we talk about videogames rather than books, video games have a significant advantage, and therefore you are more interested in this form of distribution than the publishing industry in which you normally work, considering that it is only a few years away from what is done with novels.

Brandon Sanderson prefers video games to books after trying Elden Ring.

Brandon Sanderson disclosed in an interview with Esquire that when you purchase a video game, you can often pay a higher price to acquire one. a collector's edition that you will treasure.

Elden Ring, a game that costs around sixty euros, is a favorite among mistborn's writers. You can pay more for an exclusive art book and digital soundtrack, and even more for a statue of Small.

"They'll argue it, but publishers are extremely excited that we can get super fans to buy. three copies of the same book," said Brandon Sanderson. "But wouldn't super fans be happier if they could purchase a really good edition in all formats?"

Brandon Sanderson says the publishing industry will thrive when more consideration is taken of the needs of those who read books and therefore must learn from the video game.

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