Is Terraria compatible with crossplay?

Is Terraria compatible with crossplay? ...

Unless games support cross-platform multiplayer, you may not be able to connect with all of your pals on the same platform. This can make it difficult to establish multiplayer sessions with them.

Terraria is a popular survival game that is currently available on PC, mobile, and modern consoles, thus it has a broad player base.

Now, without further ado, read on, and we'll cover everything you need to know about Terraria's crossplay capabilities.

Terraria's Role as a Crossplaying Game

Terraria currently has very little crossplay support.

Mobile users have complete crossplay capability between Android and iOS devices, but not with PC or console versions.

PC players may play with one another on Steam and GOG, as well as Windows, Linux, and Mac. However, they may not play with console or mobile users.

Terraria does not have a native PS5 version, therefore both systems can run the PS4 version.

In both the Xbox One and the Xbox Series, Xbox players may also play against one another. Both versions of the game are the same, with the Series using Backwards Compatibility to run the Xbox One version.

This sadly implies that there is no interaction between two completely different platforms. For example, PlayStation players are unable to play with Xbox players at all.

To be clear, it isn't all doom and gloom. There is good news!

Crossplay features are being developed by developers.

The official "State of the Game" blog post for January 2023 indicates that the game's developers are optimistic that 2023 will be marked as the Year of Terraria crossplay.

Although they are reticent to disclose more information, they appear to be considering expanding the game's crossplay functionality in the near future.

In a March 2023 "State of the Game," a spokesperson stated that the game's internal systems are being upgraded to support crossplay.

The changelog even encourages players to "hold on to their butts." While there are no stated dates other than "soon," it appears to be moving smoothly!

So, here's all there is to know about Terraria's current crossplay capabilities and the game's bright future.

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