Sephiroth cosplay from Final Fantasy 7 reminds us of the remake's sequel

Sephiroth cosplay from Final Fantasy 7 reminds us of the remake's sequel ...

Final Fantasy fans are currently waiting for the next installment of the role-playing game series, as well as the continuation of part seven's remake. While there is always news, iconic figures such as Cloud, Tifa, and Sephiroth are by no means forgotten in the cosplay community. The one-winged angel is also well-known among professional wrestlers.

Sephiroth is a cult figure.

Final Fantasy 7's antagonist was recently used once more in a compelling cosplay. A video was posted publicly on the respective subreddit, demonstrating the impressive work. According to the article, a person with the pseudonym "Mr Games 'n' Gains" is responsible for the project.

The cosplayer and musician's costume is presented in a rather short video, yet it does not have to hide other interpretations of the legendary figure. Here are some ideas for Dante Devil May Cry or Geralt from the Witcher series that you might like to see.

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PC game lovers are also a fan.

This costume arrives at the perfect time to get you excited for more Star Wars adventures.

There is a great cosplay duo to see in Star Wars: The Mandalorian's current season 3.

More cosplay news

The Final Fantasy franchise is well-known among the cosplay enthusiasts because of its iconic characters. In the past few months, we have reported on excellent projects related to Zelda, the Witcher series, and the Elden Ring. Brands such as Star Wars, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Dead Space have also appeared.

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