In the World of Ships, the return of battles in the hot tub with ducks

In the World of Ships, the return of battles in the hot tub with ducks ...

The April Fool's Day event featuring duck heroes on the updated Jacuzzi map has returned to the World of Ships: the water has become more transparent and new animation elements have been added. This year we developed a new collision theory – “rubbery”.

Lesta Games' developers have released a DEFENDER invite code in recognition of the event, which will give bonuses to new players:

15 days of premium account, 1,500,000 credits, 1000 doubloons, Soviet cruiser "Bogatyr", 15 camouflages, and four containers "special bonuses."

To participate in the "battle of the ducks", you must create a new account on the game's official website.

Complete special daily and weekly challenges to earn "tokens of unity" between the two days of March 22 and April 19, 2023. To be played for 6 ducks three classes:

After gaining 20,000 base experience on the starting ducks, the second "ship" option is unlocked.

Players will be required to use stylized weapons and the novelty of this patch – seething mines that are analogous to dropping depth charges, yet at the same time they do not go underwater.

Each mine has a built-in timer, which allows them to explode when the time comes out or when they encounter other ducks, which can flood the enemy with a certain probability.

Armor of the left class is also included:

Battleships are equipped with armor-piercing droplets and effervescent torpedoes.

High-explosive droplets are unable to stoke a fire, although they are susceptible to flooding with a certain probability.

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