The ARK 2 remake has been postponed, but a remaster of part 1 has been announced

The ARK 2 remake has been postponed, but a remaster of part 1 has been announced ...

The long-awaited sequel to the surprise survival game ARK: Survival Evolved was announced almost three years ago and should be released by the middle of this year. At least that's what was announced at last year's Xbox & Bethesda Showcase. However, the developer studio behind ARK 2 has now announced that the successor would be released sooner than expected. Nonetheless, fans will not leave empty-handed as a remaster of the first part for next-gen consoles and PC

The release of ARK 2 has been postponed.

The release of the very successful ARK: Survival Evolved (buy now / €15.11), which was originally scheduled for this June, will be pushed back dramatically, according to a We're allowed to release first end of 2024 estimate. A Playstation version will not be released until next June.

The developers attribute the lengthy postponement of the second part of the sequel to the new Unreal Engine 5: "We've altered our workflows to accommodate this next-gen challenge, and because of all that it entails, we need extra development time."

The first part of the remaster has been announced.

ARK: Survival Ascended is a remaster version of the original part that will be released in August 2023 for Xbox Series, PC, and PlayStation 5.

The new edition of remaster: Unreal Engine 5 will be included for the game, which should significantly increase the visual quality of the first part. For PC and Xbox, the new edition will only be released in a bundle together with ARK 2, but you also get access to the beta for a month before the release. For PS5, there is the remaster as a normal standalone version.

The most important DLCs are sold separately for under 20 euros each, one of which is the "Explorer's Pass" with the extensions "Scorched Earth", "Aberration", and "Extinction," which is only available until the beginning of 2024. The other side is a second bundle called "Genesis Pass," which is expected to contain the expansions "Genesis Part 1 and Part 2."

PC game enthusiasts are also a fan.

After four years, the Nintendo Switch port of Underground Bad Ark: Survival Evolved has received an upgrade.

Microsoft has closed the next big exclusive agreement! ARK 2 has been on Game Pass for three years. Is Sony now looking into the tube?

By the way, the game's switch port was finally fixed last year and yet ARK continues to set new records. Is it worth it to continue to remake the game? Would you rather wait till the end of 2024 or wait till the end of 2024? is a site dedicated to surviving theark.

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