In early April, The Last Of Us will receive two patches

In early April, The Last Of Us will receive two patches ...

The first update will be released on Tuesday.

Studio Naughty Dog is getting a little more familiar with the work to fix The Last of Us Remake's PC version. Next week, the developers are planning to release at least two patches.

The first update is scheduled for Tuesday; this patch will address camera shake when using mouse, as well as some other issues. Before the end of the week, a second, larger patch will be released, the source of which is unknown.

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Naughty Dog advises players to get the most recent Nvidia, AMD, or Intel drivers, depending on the graphics card you use.

The developers promise that The Last of Us' PC version will "reach the level of quality that you deserve." The studio did not indicate how many patches this might require.

Iron Galaxy is developing a PC version of The Last of Us, according to Naughty Dog representatives. However, Naughty Dog's employees are also developing patches.

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