The semiconductor industry is being forged through GlobalFoundries and the Georgia Institute of Technology

The semiconductor industry is being forged through GlobalFoundries and the Georgia Institute of Tech ...

GlobalFoundries, one of the leading US public research universities, has announced an expanding cooperation in the areas of research, education, talent development, and workforce development in the semiconductor industry. Today, many new semiconductor factories have begun and will soon begin to be constructed in the United States, and there is no place to hire employees for them.

The Georgia Institute of Technology has a wealth of experience in this area, and it is even more dangerous to remain on the margins when huge amounts of money are allocated for these purposes under the new CHIPS and Science Act. Together, GlobalFoundries and the institute's specialists will develop curricula that are eligible for a portion of the funding under the new laws.

"Semiconductor research is a top priority for Georgia Tech and the country as we develop innovative solutions that enhance manufacturing and support the economies of the country and its regions," said the institute's executive vice president of research. "Deepening our partnership with GlobalFoundries allows us to leverage our complementary technology and human resources to benefit this vital industry and enhance the lives of individuals."

Under the agreement, the parties will expand GlobalFoundries' semiconductor research and development capabilities, as well as joint faculty and engineer exchange events, as well as outreach to increase interest in semiconductors and highlight career opportunities in microelectronics.

The isolated cries of technical experts about the need to popularize technical specialties have remained a voice crying in the wilderness for the last quarter of a century. We can only follow the evolution of the situation.

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