Resident Evil 4's Salazar family's charade: Where to Find It and How to Destroy It

Resident Evil 4's Salazar family's charade: Where to Find It and How to Destroy It ...

Resident Evil 4 Remake's quest is to shame the Salazar family, who so enthuses him, and asks Leon to find a photograph of him, with his face and spoil. You will have to take extreme measures to disfigure the portrait.

This guide will walk you around where to find Salazar's family paintings and how to ruin Ramon's portrait in Resident Evil 4 (2023).

How do I get started on the Salazar family's quest of Shame?

From the Ballroom, head north and go down the elevator to the next level. Walk along the left wall to the purple flame. There will be two notes next to you, the right one will enable you to complete the quest you desire.

Leon will have to devise a strategy to mutilate his portrait in the room shown in the attached photograph, according to the merchant in the order.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: Walkthrough of the Salazar family's Shame

The Salazars' portrait must be disfigured before you may complete the assignment.

The specified location is in the throne room. Take the elevator down, turn left, and after passing the Vestibule, arrive at the desired location.

Remove all the Salazar dynasties from the lobby and run forward through the huge entrances leading to the hall with the throne. Ramon's portrait is at the far left, above two chairs.

Leon must wait until they lay an egg, then pick it up using the inventory and the "Pick/Paste on" button. To ruin Ramon's portrait, it's enough to throw the same egg at him.

If you missed or lost a chicken egg, do not hesitate to return to the beginning.

A golden chicken egg is displayed in the upper right corner of the cube device. It can be opened by the candlestick next to it. It can be sold to a merchant for additional pesetas, or traded as part of the Egg Hunt quest.


After you complete the Shame on the Salazar Family quest, go to the merchant above the Ballroom to collect your reward:

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