In The Witcher 3, the Dandelions love affairs engulf me in bitterness. Damn womanizer troubadour!

In The Witcher 3, the Dandelions love affairs engulf me in bitterness. Damn womanizer troubadour! ...

My quest for Ciri takes me to Novigrad, a city of religious fanatics, corruption, and witch burnings, as described in previous episodes of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Even though I've been completely honest about what I know about Ciri, I'm not leaving empty-handed: my old friend Buttercupa troubadour womanizer, who is a bit of a liar, is the key to finding Ciri.

Jaskier's whereabouts lead me to the local rosemary and thyme pub, which he has acquired and which is now abandoned... Suddenly I hear some screams that could well be from Durin himself. Zoltan Chivayanother old friend (this dwarf), appears down the stairs with a club in hand and chasing several thugs to the front door.

The reunion with the dwarf matches the mood of his people: happy, sincere, and energetic. Despite their tense temper, dwarves are loyal and friendly like nobody. He has no idea either. He's been taking care of the place (or trying to) since he disappeared.

The place is upside down, yet I manage to draw from a thread: the agenda de Dandelion, which contains a lengthy list of references. We decided to divide the list and visit Jaskier's hookups. Perhaps he is still enjoying the pleasures of one of them in their bedrooms or drunk in some brothel.

Dandelion's love affairs: lies, broken hearts, and fencing lessons

I am not an expert on the matter. Vespula, Elihail, Marabella, Molly and Rosa var Attre are among the 5 women on the list that Jaskier has probably conquered by promising the moon, lands, and who knows what other flaws.

My first stop is Vespula's house. I discover a group of scum trying to extort her into paying a protection tax. I intervene. I tell them that Vespula has a new protector and they may go get some fresh wind. It seems like I'll have to put their tails between their legs.

Vespula thanks me. He doesn't know anything about Jaskier and she's so irritated that she doesn't even want to see him... but at the same time she wants him to come back. I decide to leave the woman with her belongings and head to the next girl's house.

Elihai I work at a textile store. The employee greets me fairly promptly. He goes into the back room almost without saying a word and emerges dressed as a woman. Dandelion loves free love. Considering the sick people who run the city, I like to see that my friend is not prejudiced. I say my goodbyes with sincerity.

Dandelion is about a teacher who is educating her pupils, and she waited for her to complete teaching her class. She expresses her concern for Jaskier and she regrets that she can't provide me information. 0/3, I'm starting to get impatient.

Molly is the penultimate girl from The Witcher 2. She is a wealthy woman from Novigrad. I'm with a Morvran Voorhisa Nilfgaardian officer who managed to wreak havoc on my patience in Vizima, as well as with the Baroness of Valletta. I had a run-in with the La Valette family in The Witcher 2... and managed to keep my blade away from the meat.

Voorhis challenges me to a horse race once at the racetrack. It's never a bad time to take the Higher Racing Chair from a Nilfgaardian... and to kidnap him. He doesn't know anything, but Molly suggests that his "sister" might know something.

Return to Novigrad. There is only one girl left: Rosa was Attre. The house is once again in the wealthy Novigrad area. A guard greets her politely and threatens her with threats. I take a walk down the back of the house.

Rosa and Edna, two twin sisters, relish in teasing people and wreaking havoc in the process. Both admit to being a ludicrous person and claim that their courtship attempts were fraudulent.

I return to Romero y Thyme to talk about my discoveries with Zoltan. Callonetta is known only by a different name: Priscilla, a well-known troubadour from Novigrad. I already have destiny!

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