Which SVOD service should you subscribe to in April 2023? We review Netflix, Amazon, and Disney+'s release schedule

Which SVOD service should you subscribe to in April 2023? We review Netflix, Amazon, and Disney+'s r ...

News culture Which SVOD service should you subscribe to in April 2023? We take a look at Netflix, Amazon, and Disney+'s release schedule.

Published on 01/04/2023 at 11:52

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France's household income is being harmed by rising prices, which makes it difficult to spend a hundred euros a month on various and varied subscriptions at the dawn of spring. JV's editorial team examines the schedule of major Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Crunchyroll, Disney+, Netflix, and Paramount+ releases, and attempts to answer this tricky question.


Which SVOD service to choose in April 2023: Amazon Prime VideoApple TV+CrunchyrollDisney+NetflixParamount?

Prime Video from Amazon is now available.

Prime Video has become one of the most successful SVOD players in the world and plans to take on two main competitors. Amazon has offered a new partnership that risks reshaping the cards. In addition, Season 4 of the Warner group's Succession will continue in April 2023.

Prix : €69.90 per year (+€9.99 per month for the Warner Pass) Prix: €69.90 per year (+€9.99 per month for the Warner Pass)

April 2023 Amazon Prime Video Releases: The Biggest

April 1Operation Fortune: Ruse of War – April 7Last Light (Season 1) – April 7Dead Ringers (Season 1) – April 21House of Gucci – April 24Citadel (Season 1) – April 28Succession (Season 4) – ongoing (Pass Warner )

Apple TV+ is a streaming service created by Apple.

Apple TV+ is certainly an outsider in the subscription VOD space, but this does not imply that it does not have access to internationally renowned actors in the event of April on Apple TV+. Jennifer Garner (Alias, Elektra) takes the opportunity to make a surprise appearance with the thriller The Last Things he said to me.

April 2023 Apple TV+'s major releases:

Schigadoon! (Season 2) – April 5The Last Thing He Said to Me – April 14The Drops of God – April 21Ghosted – April 21The AfterParty (Season 2) – April 28

Crunchyroll is a slam-stamp of beauty products.

Crunchyroll, a simulcast platform, is not specialized in anime, although it does not compete in the same category as the other SVOD players. Nevertheless, the Sony subsidiary has plenty of experience in Japanese animation. Between Hell's Paradise, Dr. Stone New World, Mashle Magic, and Muscles, as well as all current series (Vinland Sagaetc.), anime enthusiasts from Japan will be delighted.

Prix: 4.99€/month – 6.49€/month – 64.99€/year (i.e. 16% decrease on the monthly plan)

Crunchyroll's most anticipated Crunchyroll releases will be released in April 2023.

Hell's Paradise – 1er avrilDr. Stone New World – 6 avrilMobile Suit Gundam The Witch from Mercury (Saison 2) – 9 avrilRanking of Kings The Treasure Chest of Courage – 13 avrilLa princesse & la Bête – 19 avrilVinland Saga – en cours

Disney+ is a Disney-owned business.

The Disney+ contract for Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar should include tens of thousands of old programs (animated or not) that have become more popular than the others. The opposite would have been surprising since the distant Star Wars galaxy continues to advance with new episodes of Season 3 of The Mandalorian series. On Earth, the Spider-Man makes a remarkable appearance in 'Spider-Man: Far From Home.'

Prix: 8.99€/month – 89.90€/year (i.e. +15% reduction on the monthly plan) Prix : 8.99€/month – 89.90€/year (i.e. +15% reduction on the monthly plan)

The following Disney+ releases for April 2023 are listed.

Tengoku-Daimakyo A Journey Beyond Heaven – April 1Spider-Man Far From Home – April 14True Lies for Better and Worst – April 19Hungry – April 21Peter Pan & Wendy – April 28The Mandalorian – Ongoing

Netflix is a social network based in the United Kingdom.

Netflix, which accounted for 230.75 million subscribers at the start of 2023, is known as the "king of the hill" SVOD, and does everything it can to keep up its reputation month after month. Dedicated to original programs, the streaming service affected by The Last Kingdom regularly appeals to subscribers. Several outstanding audiovisual works should appeal to subscribers in April 2023, including Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Last Night in Soho, Scarface, and Vinland Saga

Prix : 5.99€/month (with ads) – 8.99€/month (without ads) – 13.49€/month – 17.99€/month Prix: 5.99€/month (with ads) – 8.99€/month (without ads) – 13.49€/month – 17.99€/month

Netflix's April 2023 release dates are:

April 1Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (Part 1-4) – April 1Relentless – April 6Seven Kings Must Die (The Last Kingdom) – April 14Sweet Tooth (Season 2) – April 27Last Night in Soho – April 27Vinland Saga – Ongoing

Paramount+ is a new brand.

Paramount+ is a clear competitor in the world of SVOD, and for good reason. It must prove itself quickly, otherwise it will vanish. Added to this is the series 1923 starring Harrison Ford and Grease : Rise of the Pink Ladies, as well as a dozen cult anime (Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, etc.).

Paramount+'s biggest releases in April 2023:

1923 – 2 avrilGrease The Pink Ladies' Return – 7 avrilSave Me – 11 avrilSignal – 11 avrilVoice – 11 avrilYonder – 11 avril

In April 2023, which SVOD service will you use?

It's time to answer the question that burns the lips of all those who want to live a month of April 2023 without breaking their PEL: Which SVOD service should you choose in April 2023? Due to a large number of French people, it'll be necessary to decide and keep for at least thirty days whether or not to subscribe to one or two subscriptions.

Crunchyroll, who is a specialist in the film, is capable of delivering the show. On the series side, the fight between Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Paramount+ is expected to be intense. However, fans of South Korean series must subscribe in April to Paramount+ because they fear they might lose a lot of film tickets. So, make a decision, even if only for a short time.

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