What's new in ARK: Survival Ascended? The whole list of major changes to the ARK: Survival Evolved Remaster

What's new in ARK: Survival Ascended? The whole list of major changes to the ARK: Survival Evolved R ...

ARK: Survival Ascended, a multiplayer survival game set in the world of dinosaurs, will be remastered by us. For convenience, we decided to translate it into Russian and publish it in a separate article.

Changes in the market

The original mode will be supported by Nanite, Lumen, and RTXDI technologies, as well as cross-platform multiplayer and cross-modding. (Some bug fixes and gameplay improvements will be made available for modders within the current version of ARK: Survival Ascended.) Additional gameplay changes (e.g. cave entrances, MEK animals, more thoroughbred creatures)

Support for the game

The original and remaster versions will continue to be supported, according to the developers:

The last content update for ARK: Survival Evolved will be released in June, featuring fan-choked Rhyniognath! ARK: Survival Ascended will no longer be supported on official Unreal Engine 5 servers. These will be available for those who want to use them in mods.

Price and distribution

Let's repeat the information about ARK: Survival Ascended's pricing and distribution method.

On the following platforms, the remaster will be available for purchase:

Players will only be able to get ARK: Survival Ascended with the purchase of the $49.99 ARK Respawned Bundle, which includes ARK 2 and access to the Sequel Beta. This bundle will be available for purchase starting at the end of August and for one year, after which both games will be sold separately.

Two season passes will be on sale as well as the game itself:

Scorched Earth, Aberration, and Extinction are all included in Explorer's Pass ($19.99) ; Genesis Part 1 (Q1 2024) and Genesis Part 2 (Q2 2024).

Players will have access to The Island, Scorched Earth, and a new revamped game mode, Survival of the Fittest when ARK: Survival Ascended is released.

The creators hope to release a new canonical story expansion pack for ARK: Survival Ascended in the fourth quarter of 2023. Four new animals will be revealed later this year.

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