ChatGPT is required to generate keys for Windows 95

ChatGPT is required to generate keys for Windows 95 ...

The bot resisted to the last degree.

Enderman, a YouTuber, managed to use the ChatGPT chatbot as a key generator for Windows 95. He had to cheat.

The chatbot replied that it was unable to generate a key because it is unique for every system and must be purchased from Microsoft. Moreover, the neural network noted that Windows 95 isn't supported for a long time and that it is preferable to use a more recent operating system.

The YouTuber decided to do something different. The truth is that Windows 95's key generation algorithm is well-known: if desired, the key can be generated almost manually using a fairly simple formula.

Enderman described the ChatGPT generation algorithm and proposed to make 30 lines corresponding to this algorithm. This time, the enthusiast did not inform the chatbot that he would generate OS activation keys. The hack worked: ChatGPT returned the requested 30 keys.

After spending some time generating the correct request to the bot, Enderman nevertheless formulated the task in such a manner that ChatGPT began to generate correct keys from time to time.

Enderman installed Windows 95 and activated the OS with an AI-generated key, and he thanked ChatGPT for assisting with the activation; the chatbot will not believe that it has issued a valid key for the OS.

This is an interesting story.

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