Everyone wants to be amazed by Starfield as soon as it arrives

Everyone wants to be amazed by Starfield as soon as it arrives ...

The Starfield game is coming soon, and everybody wants to be amazed.

Published on 01/04/2023 at 11:10

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Prepare to be ecstatic: Microsoft and Bethesda will soon be meeting to discuss the most anticipated Xbox exclusive of the year, Starfield.

Are you interested in a space trip?

Starfield, a game that was awaited for the next year, is slowly but surely coming to an end. As this date approaches, Microsoft and its studio are speeding up the communication pace.

Next June will mark the beginning of the summer video game season. Shortly after the Summer Game Fest which will begin on June 8, Microsoft will provide a showcase dedicated to its studios. And as good news never comes alone, the developer is also announcing a new Starfield Direct.

June, we'll see you.

What does Microsoft have in store for this next Starfield Direct? Naturally, everybody expects a lot from this title, which should mark the return of Bethesda to the front of the stage almost eight years after their last true single-player RPG, Fallout 4.

New gameplay footage, new development process, interviews with team members, Todd Howard's intervention, and more information about the game's universe are all things this Starfield Direct should provide players, at their finest times. See you on June 11 to get to the bottom of it.

For the time being, we just have to wait patiently. With Arkane Studios' new game, Redfall, Bethesda is already returning this year as a publisher. It will be released on May 2 directly in the Game Pass.

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