The Murakumo update in Wild Hearts: Lethal Blossoms allows you to destroy Murakumo

The Murakumo update in Wild Hearts: Lethal Blossoms allows you to destroy Murakumo ...

Tobias Pieceman | 04/01/2023 – 10:56 am

In "Wild Hearts," the monster hunt will continue shortly. Omega Force's responsible developers have announced the update "Lethal Blossoms" with Murakumo.

The "Lethal Blossoms" update for the action game "Wild Hearts" has been announced. A new Kemono species, the Murakumo, will be added to the Karakuri "Spinning Top," as well as new weapons and armor.

Cherry blossoms are a delight to watch.

The cherry blossoms are said to be spooked by strange winds, which prevent them from returning to the ground until the following spring. Parents must beware of this terrifying monster that engulfs your children. Murakumo leaps through the air by creating platforms made of cherry blossoms, making counterattacks extremely difficult. A thundering tornado can quickly knock you out.

The Spinning Top Karakuri can rapidly decrease the distance to the target, making it faster and stronger once it touches a kemono or other object with enough speed and power.

The update will add weapon and armor improvements. Core Orbs can be used to enhance gear, although the number of upgrades and effects will vary from piece to piece.

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Wild Hearts is now available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Here is also the trailer for the next update:

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