Genshin Impact's authors make an April Fools joke about cats

Genshin Impact's authors make an April Fools joke about cats ...

On April 1st, HoYoverse, the creators of Genshin Impact, announced the World Laughter Day celebrations, posted humorous messages on several official accounts, and created a short video introduction for each character.

The content

CatWanderer CatKe Ching Dilyuk CatKe Ching Shinobu CatWanderer CatWanderer CatWanderer CatWandererCat

Cat Dilyuk

The Dilyuk cat is calm during the day and very active during the night. The famous Mondstadt Midnight Hero is undoubtedly a Serious kitten with red fur and a black tie.

The Keqing cat has been around for a while.

Ke Qing, a responsible cat, walks around the streets. Lady Jade Balance Qixing is most likely to be concealed behind the graceful cat against the backdrop of the Li Yue ornaments. This is also demonstrated by the girl's purple feathers and white flowers.

The cat Kouki Shinobu

Kuki Shinobu, a clever and gentle cat, was no less identifiable. She has no difficulty in judging one other, because only the assistant to the leader of the Arataki gang wears a black mask that hides her face... or muzzle?

Cat Wanderer

The Wanderer cat walked by itself. A gray kid wearing a big Anemo Catalyst hat does not like company and prefers to spend time alone.

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