Following Gwyneth Paltrows' victory in a ski crash trial, Terry Sanderson is considering an appeal

Following Gwyneth Paltrows' victory in a ski crash trial, Terry Sanderson is considering an appeal ...

Dr. Terry Sanderson is considering a Supreme Court challenge although Gwyneth Paltrow won her ski crash trial.

Here's all you need to know about it.

Following the creativity, Terry Sanderson's attorney Robert Sykes spoke with TMZ about her victory.

'We sincerely disagree with the outcome and will consider all possibilities moving forward,' said the speaker. 'All of those things are on the table.'

'We are all tired and need a rest,' said Mr. Sanderson.

'We have received numerous inquiries and requests for remarks, interviews, statements, and the like,' said the speaker.

Sanderson is reportedly considering other solutions, according to this report. It also includes a motion for a new trial and an appeal to the Utah Supreme Court.

'These alternatives will be thoroughly discussed between the attorneys and Terry Sanderson at a later date,' they said.

'We are grateful for Judge Holmberg, his staff, and the bailiffs', said the man who completed the message. 'We thank the jury for its service.'

Gwyneth Paltrow was recently accused in a 2016 collision in which the retired optometrist was willing to stand before a jury with an objective.

The jury ruled recently that Sanderson was to blame for the ski slope disaster and not the other way around.

During a $1 in damages assessment, the actress demanded the exact amount in her countersuit.

Sanderson smuggled Paltrow fog into the Deer Valley Resort in Utah, preventing him from hitting the retired in 2016.

Sanderson claims to have suffered a concussion and was harmed in the crash.

Sanderson was awarded $3 million in damages in his first cases, although he was only allowed to get a maximum of $300,000.

Paltrow posted a statement via her representatives on her 8.3 million followers on Instagram.

'I felt that accepting a phony offer harmed my integrity,' she said.

She then expressed her gratitude to the judge and jury for their efforts.

Paltrow left court after touching Sanderson's shoulder, presumably wishing him the best.'

'Thank you, dear,' he said.

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