What are we doing at the start of April?

What are we doing at the start of April? ...

Hello, everyone! Our weekly section is back, with discussion of some of the games we've been playing in the last few weeks or that we're still playing.

These are the games that enthuse us, and we are able to resist playing, as the hours go by.

There is always that one special game we can't let down, particularly in an age of games that receive content and updates months or years after their release.

There's always that timeless classic we want to repeat or discover for the first time, a guilty pleasure that grabs us without explanation, or an unexpected branch of a popular series we want to investigate.

There's always something to intrigue us, whether it's on a console, PC, or mobile, and we're constantly looking for the next great experience that will dazzle us.

And what have you been doing lately? We'd like to know.

WRC Generations and DiRT Rally 2.0

After a few months recovering from an injury to my right arm, my rally setup was made even more complete with a new steering wheel (CSL Elite Steering Wheel WRC) and a handbrake (ClubSport Handbrake V1.5), all Fanatec material. That's where the handbrake proves to be an essential component.

Adolfo is a well-known Italian author.

MLB The Show 23 is now available.

The 2023 MLB season officially began on March 30, just days after Sony San Diego Studio's latest game arrived. I'll be working on Moments, Diamond Dynasty challenges, and will occasionally try my luck in Road to the Show, the career mode, which is designed to be played over several months.


Gran Turismo 7 is a seven-day game.

Gran Turismo 7 is still running on the PlayStation 5 player, now with all of the content open. There is no rewinds here, as the player's experience and the use of existing modes leads to trying something new. It's just about going to the end last or starting over.

Vitor is a gamer.

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