Jos Miguel Ruiz-Padilla has been named CEO of Making Science

Jos Miguel Ruiz-Padilla has been named CEO of Making Science ...

José Miguel Ruiz-Padilla, a former executive in the technology and telecommunications industries, has been hired by the Making Science business. He will report to the CEO, José Antonio Martinez Aguilar.

José Miguel Ruiz-Padilla will lead the strategy and organization of Making Science, a business unit based in the José Miguel Ruiz-Padilla management team.

Ingenia, a Spanish multinational with over 400 employees and operations in 17 countries, has been the new CEO of IT Solutions, who has an extensive national and international experience, which includes founding his own company in 2003, which was purchased by Grupo Babel in 2021.

José Miguel Ruiz-Padilla sees Making Science as a new challenge. "For me, it's a challenge that I face with optimism and conviction. One of my goals is to contribute all my knowledge and experience to help the company grow and meet its most ambitious goals."

José Antonio Martnez Aguilar has stated that: "José Miguel Ruiz-Padilla is a professional with a remarkable career." Making Science worldwide and in Spain in particular, is focusing on José Miguel's extensive knowledge.

José Miguel Ruiz-Padilla's appointment comes at a crucial time for Making Science, which has seen an increase in its number of employees reaching 1,200, among other reasons.

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