Recap and Conclusion of the Hello Tomorrow Finale

Recap and Conclusion of the Hello Tomorrow Finale ...

'Hello Tomorrow,' the first season of Apple TV+, has concluded its first season with a hazy future for the characters. It's that time of the year when Brightside customers finally board the rocket that will take them to the location they've dreamed of for all this time. Jack had so much enthusiasm for the condos and the life they'd lived on the Moon that he couldn't stop them with the excuse of another unforeseen delay.

Recap of Episode 10 of Hello Tomorrow

The customers are waiting for the flight as soon as the rocket launches. Elle advises Jack not to think much about what will happen to them when the rocket launches.

Joey arrives at the launch site to extort Jack into halting the launch. He convinces Jack that he wants the same thing. Together, they meet the customers and discover Lester. Lester decided to apprehend Jack on the spot for several violations and fraud. When he asks Joey to provide him the evidence, he acts like he doesn't know what Lester is talking about.

Jack makes an excuse to fit customers with V63 vests. He tells Herb to take them all to the fitting room. While Joey's mother wakes up from the coma, they leave the launch in Elle's hands.

What Happens to the Passengers at the End of the Hello Tomorrow Finale?

Jack has finally found himself on the path of doing the right thing after spending so much time with so many people. They now have a rocket, a launch pad, and a lot of customers. All they need are the condos on the Moon, and all his lies will have become the truth. Elle, however, does not share his vision. She is more concerned with what will happen to the people once they land on the Moon.

Jack understands that he will need investors' money to construct the condos. This doesn't necessarily mean that it will need crews. He also wanted to avoid losing his customers, who had already threatened to sue his company once. So, he dupes them once more and locks them in the elevator.

Joey believes he is joining her when she sees him there, but is disappointed when she discovers him.

Lester reconsiders his decision while leaving the launch site. He is in love with Myrtle and wants to be with her no matter if it is on Earth or on the Moon. So, at the last moment, he runs back. At first, he is surprised to see that everyone has boarded, but later, he notices that all of the passengers have remained. Everyone then returns to the rocket, including Lester, and waits patiently for it to launch.

Herb and Betty board the rocket, expecting to meet Stan Jenkins at the Brightside headquarters and receive a promotion. However, Elle is unaware of Jack's intentions and doesn't mind if the passengers depart. She presses the button, the rocket launches, and the rocket touches the Moon. Jack is making up for lost time.

The rest can be handled on Earth, but what happens to the passengers? There is nothing up there, and once they land, they will have nowhere to go. Will they be stuck on the Moon, or will they be sent back on the next flight back? On Earth, everything will go as planned. The investors will shower Elle and Jack with money, while the customers will be left with nothing.

Although the fate of the passengers appears rather bleak, there is still hope for them. It takes three days to reach the Moon. This means there is still time for Jack to find a way to get rid of the problem. The rocket will probably need to be refueled or ordered to do so by another person.

Jack will have to devise a strategy to bring back the passengers after the flight. Second, the passengers arrive at the Moon and find nothing. Third, Jack devises a story on the management level that isn't quite acceptable.

Another possibility is that Jack will have the rocket rerouted back to Earth. It's a different technical part of it, but with a robot at its helm, we can assume that turning the rocket around wouldn't be such a big deal. With the customers back on Earth, safe and sound, Jack can make excuses about technical problems and emergency landings. It will buy him a few more months, which he wanted.

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