Explaining the Ending of the Copycat Killer: Who is the Serial Killer?

Explaining the Ending of the Copycat Killer: Who is the Serial Killer? ...

'Copycat Killer', a Chinese-language Taiwanese series directed by Chang Jung-chi and Henri Chang, is centered around prosecutor Kuo Hsiao-chi, who sets out to uncover the serial killer who abducts and murders several young girls in the city of Songyan in the 1990s. Kuo battles his own prejudices and defeats the serial killer, who communicates with the investigators and the victims' families through a news channel named T

Recap of the Copycat Killer

'Copycat Killer' begins with a masked serial killer, Noh, who sends a tape to TNB, threatening to kill prosecutor Kuo Hsiao-chi. Days before the tape, the police discover a severed hand in a gift box at a park, and Kuo meets Tian Cun-yi, the murderer of the earlier victim, who fights to open the same.

Cin Yi-jyun is kidnapped next, forcing her grandfather to distribute flyers to find his granddaughter. Lu Yen-jhen of TNB tells a story about Yi-jyun's disappearance to help the latter's grandfather. The former refuses to show his granddaughter alive despite following the killer's instructions. The latter returns his granddaughter's dead body to the authorities.

After Cun-yi's victim and Yi-jyun's body are discovered, Kuo meets Hu Jian-ho, his ex-girlfriend, who shot and killed a girl at the age of fifteen. Both men later learn that Jia-wun and Jian-ho were schoolmates.

Kuo and the police officers discover a dead body at Jia-wun's house and set out to find him. Jian-ho invites Jia-wun to confess to the crimes and kidnappings, only to discover Yu-tong alive in the crashed car. Both are convinced that the serial killers are dead and will be released for the rest of their lives.

Yi-jyun's grandfather isn't sure. He meets Kuo and informs him that the serial killer who spoke to him was older, more mature, and more composed than Jia-wun. Meanwhile, Kuo's uncle informs him that TNB anchor Chen He-ping discussed the serial killer's murders while he asked about the prosecutor.

Why Does He-ping Kill at the End of the Copycat Killer?

Kuo's suspicions about He-ping as a serial murderer first developed when he was a kid. He was fascinated by the prospect of torturing people as he worked at a sadomasochist club named Sodom.

He-ping became connected with Jia-wun, a regular at Sodom at the time. They kidnapped a girl from KINK, where the DJ worked. The duo brought Cun-yi to take the girl's photographs, and He-ping went on to murder her, cultivated his strength.

He-ping continues to kill because he believes he is superior to others. That's why he makes Jia-wun drive his potential victims to their families. He-ping enjoys seeing them suffer because to their helplessness while watching Yi-jyun's grandfather imitate a dog.

He-ping's superiority is further enhanced by his ability to be a well-known TV personality. Even after committing murder after murder, he ends up influencing the narrative by becoming a well-known television show host. His opinion is that those around him are impotent enough to plead for him even after he has suffered from the misfortunes they caused. He-ping's desire for witnessing others' suffering is further satiated.

What Happens When He-ping is Arrested?

He-ping murders Yun-huei, but his ex-boyfriend Kuo beats him up and shoots a pistol at him. He-ping becomes a "victim," gaining respect from all parties of society while Kuo executes a plot against him.

He-ping becomes a sensation after getting shot by Kuo. He sees the killer in the eyes of those in front of him, which boosts his narcissistic personality. That's when Kuo appears as a guest in his program. He-ping loses his senses when the caller tries to take the authority he earned over his community.

He-ping, as a narcissist, must maintain his superiority and authority. He fears that the public would become more afraid of him when a random caller confesses to killings on live television. In a stuporous state, He-ping reveals how he had done the murders using Jia-wun to sabotage his identity.

Is He-ping dead?Who Killed Him?

He-ping is sentenced to life in prison after coming out of court, only for an anonymous person to infiltrate the crowd and murder the other, causing him to die. The most obvious guess is someone from one of his victims' families. Otherwise, it can be a vigilante who wants to restore law and order in the area.

He-ping has influenced a large group to reject law and order and embrace anarchy. The group demands his release, stating that he hasn't done anything wrong. If the victim is a vigilante, the person may want him to stop being an influence on others who try to imitate him. If the victim is not a vigilante, the person may want him to become the focal point.

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