Who is the voice inside allies' heads of power?

Who is the voice inside allies' heads of power? ...

'The Power' is a documentary about women who have become more powerful than men and have taken over the presidency. The show focuses on the differences and similarities between men and women in the worlds led by men and women.

Allie has a voice inside her head that helps her escape from her foster parents and find a place where she belongs. SPOILERS AHEAD

What is Allie's Voice?

The origins of the Prime Video series remain ambiguous, posing many doubts about its true potential. Only teenage girls possess this ability, which may be passed on to adult women only because of a new organ, which has evolved in young girls, that has a single function: to generate electricity.

Allie's journey through a path that seems right initially but becomes more treacherous with each passing day. Here are a few thoughts on what the Voice might be.

The Voice may be her conscience or a part of her personality that has kicked into survival mode and wants her to fight. It recognizes the change in her body when the power kicks in and guides her to invoke the power at the right time.

Allie talks about herself through tough times. The Voice tells Allie she is not the same as everyone else, and that she may be able to do better now that she has stepped out of the abusive household.

The Voice might be the power, as previously stated, in Allie. It's possible that some other character might begin talking to other girls as well, thereby unraveling this mystery for us. Perhaps, some other character might also begin talking to other girls as well, possibly as telepathy. For now, the scales are tipped in favor of it being Allie's conscience.

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