Explained: Is Boksoon the Ending of Her Contract?

Explained: Is Boksoon the Ending of Her Contract? ...

'Kill Boksoon,' a South Korean action thriller directed by Byun Sung-hyun, has a ruthless mother-daughter bond that ensues when Gil Bok-soon meets her in a dead accident. At the same time, Jae-yeong's life also downspirals as a by-product of her own hidden secrets.

Synopsis of the Kill Boksoon plot

Gil Bok-soon is a well-known assassin and a single mother to her adolescent daughter Jae-yeong, who lives a two-story existence. MK Ent, the largest assassin company in partnership with others, sanctions Bok-soon's missions. Cha Min-kyu, Bok-soon's old friend, has a metaphorical target on him.

Bok-soon is assigned an MK intern who seems to idolize her. Their task is to kill a young man and make it appear like a suicide. The suicide note Bok-soon has to plant in the boy's room will help clear the Senator's name from the entire mess.

Min-kyu admits that she has already accepted the lie and that she knows the consequences of her actions to be severe. She has agreed to renew her contract with MK in exchange for a complete pardon. She also demands that no one else be assigned the case again.

Bok-soon's family lives are further aggravated when her daughter is suspended from school and facing permanent expulsion. Jae-yeong stabs her classmate, Cheol-woo, at school with a pair of scissors. Jae-yeong then reveals the secret affair she's been having with So-Ra.

Min-hee discovers Bok-soon's botched operation and explodes with resentment about the special treatment Bok-soon receives from her own brother. Among the assassins is Han Hee-seong, Bok-soon's current girlfriend.

Boksoon's Ending: Does Boksoon Renew Her Contract?

Bok-soon is well-known in the assassin scene since she was seventeen when she murdered her abusive father. She quickly established herself as one of the best assassins for hire at the deadliest company full of murderers. She is also admired by others.

Bok-soon continues to refuse to renew her contract with MK without giving a reason. Nevertheless, Min-kyu succeeds in persuading Bok-soon to sign the contract again. He passes the responsibility of the contract to his sister, Min-hee.

Min-hee is already a bone to pick with Bok-soon and sends out killers after Bok-soon. Therefore, when Bok-soon comes into her office to renew her contract, Min-hee tells her about Yeong-ji's sick power move.

Do Cha Min-hee and Hee-Seong die?

The conflict between Min-hee and Bok-soon is obvious when Min-hee meets for Bok-soon's contract renewal at Min-hee's office. Min-hee believes she has the upper hand in their dynamic, and she divulges the details of Yeong-Ji's death to Bok-soon. She may also have developed protective feelings for Yeong-Ji as a mother. Therefore, Bok-soon kills Min-hee.

Hee-seong is a fictional character who was murdered by Bok-soon. Although Hee-seong is married, Bok-soon is very casual in their interactions. However, Hee-seong refuses to give him a harsh punishment because he is a low-level assassin. Hee-seong refuses to assist Bok-soon in his quest to save his father.

Is Jae-yeong able to view the video?

Jae-yeong believes her mother is a top-secret government agent at the end of the film. Bok-soon refuses to openly refute the truth and allows her daughter to believe the lie. Therefore, Bok-soon is reluctant to do anything that might jeopardize their relationship.

Bok-soon meets Min-kyu in a fight to the death. However, Min-kyu confesses that Jae-yeoung has seen him kill him.

Jae-yeoung returns to her old school to say goodbye to So-Ra, who had previously planned to kill her. She then threatens Cheol-woo, who has since withdrawn from her.

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