Explained: Netflix's Kill Boksoon Credits Scene

Explained: Netflix's Kill Boksoon Credits Scene ...

'Kill Boksoon' is a South Korean action drama directed and written by Byun Sung-Hyun. She follows Gil Bok-soon (Jeon Do-Yeon), a legendary assassin who also has a teenage daughter, while she also struggles to parent her daughter, Gil Jae-Yeong.

Gil Jae-Yeong is a Killer, according to the Kill Boksoon End Credits.

'Kill Boksoon' is a film about the mother, Gil Boksoon (Jeon Do-Yeon) also known as Kill Boksoon, a legendary assassin who works for MK. ENT, a corporation that coordinates murders. During the film's climax, Boksoon kills her employer Chairman Cha and puts her dead daughter, Gil Jae-Yeong (Kim Si-a). However, chairman Cha

Jae-Yeong is shown visiting her old school for the last time to say goodbye to So-ra, while her classmate clicks pictures of her with her mother. Later, Jae-Yeong comes out as a lesbian and has a violent streak, just like her mother.

Jae-Yeong embraces So-ra but silently issues two threats to her ex-lover. After hours, Jae-Yeong appears unhinged and sure of herself, unlike previously seen. Jae-Yeong exits the school confidently and remembers the suffering she caused him.

The film's ending leaves a sense of ambiguity about whether Jae-Yeong watched the footage or not. When Boksoon returns home, Jae-Yeong's behavior indicates that she is unaware of her mother's criminal life. On the other hand, the ending implies that Jae-Yeong was empowered by her. Before her final fight with Chairman Cha, Boksoon encourages her daughter to reveal herself.

In a final scene during the credits, Jae-Yeong sees her dressed in a red jacket, which suggests a strong desire for violence. In another scene, Jae-Yeong revealed that her mother was a smoker.

The final scene, according to Jae-Yeong, confirms her mother's path as she no longer fears her portraying herself. Moreover, the scene directly affects Boksoon's narrativearc as the mother desperately tries to protect her daughter from a life of crime and violence that she herself was exposed to as a teenager.

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