Is Malum on Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, or Prime?

Is Malum on Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, or Prime? ...

'Malum' is a horror thriller adaptation or remake of the 2014 film 'Last Shift,' directed by Anthony DiBlasi. The film stars a slew of talented actors and actresses, including Jessica Sula, Eric Olson, and Candice Coke.

The thriller film that received widespread praise and positive reviews after its premiere is a must-see if you are into horror films about cults and would like to know how the remake fairs. We have got you covered!

What is the meaning of Malum?

Jessica Loren is a new yet experienced police officer who is looking for answers to her father's mysterious death. Little does the newly appointed officer know that she is in for a shocking revelation about her family's connections with an evil cult leader as the night progresses!

Is Malum on Netflix?

'Malum,' directed by Anthony DiBlasi, isn't available on Netflix's expansive platform. However, there are other horror films on the streaming company that might give you goosebumps, such as 'No One Gets Out Alive' and 'The Ritual.'

Is Malum on HBO Max?

'Malum' isn't included in HBO Max's library. However, this shouldn't discourage you from making the most of your subscription and checking out other alternatives, including 'Barbarian' and 'Halloween Kills.'

Is Malum on Hulu?

Because 'Malum' is not available on the streamer, Hulu subscribers may wish to browse other platforms for similar horror movies. 'Room 203' and 'Dreamcatcher' might be enjoyable.

Is Malum now available on Amazon Prime?

We're sorry to disappoint you that Amazon Prime Video does not include 'Malum' in its extensive catalog of content. However, the streaming service makes up for it by including excellent alternatives, such as 'The Manor' and 'A House on the Bayou.'

What Places Can I Watch Malum Online?

'Malum' is exclusively available in theaters as of this writing. You do not have the option to watch the Jessica Sula starrer online, whether via streaming or purchasing. However, you may check show timings and book tickets on Fandango.

What is the best way to get Malum for free?

'Malum' is no longer available on any streaming platform, thus there is currently no way whatsoever for you to get the horror film for free on any of the online platforms sooner rather than later. We advise our readers to avoid using illegal methods to watch their favorite content, and to pay for the subscription to do the same.

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