What Has Happened to Robert Maxwell's Son?

What Has Happened to Robert Maxwell's Son? ...

Because of the patriarch and publishing magnate Robert Maxwell, his son Kevin Maxwell has since fallen into global depravity. He was seemingly over $5 billion in debt at the time of his mysterious demise in 1991, and his daughter Ghislaine (Jeffrey Epstein's once partner) has since been convicted of child sex charges. For the time being, we've got all the essential facts for you.

Kevin Maxwell, who is he?

Kevin has been frequently referred to as the driving force behind the Maxwell family despite his sheer intelligence. He did graduate from Marlborough College before landing a much-coveted job at Oxford University, but his knowledge goes far beyond that. That's how he was able to join the family business under his dominant Czechoslovak-born press mogul father most times.

Kevin was a proud chairman of Maxwell Communications Corporation and Macmillan Inc. on the morning of November 4, 1991, and was found floating in the sea the following morning.

Kevin and his three-year-old brother Ian took over the whole company, only to be arrested in connection with their father's massive pension fraud in 1996. The former had to declare bankruptcy in 1992 owing to the hundreds of millions of dollars in debt. Soon he co-founded a US-based media company called Telemonde in the hopes of restoring his family's positive legacy.

What Has Happened to Kevin Maxwell?

Kevin's best efforts to make Telemonde a success resulted in his filing for another bankruptcy, this time in 2005, which he already knew about, and he was soon disqualified from being a company director for eight years.

Kevin Maxwell, an Oxford graduate, wed Pandora Warnford-Davis in 1984, yet they separated in 2007 and later divorced. From what we can tell, the Maxwell family has preferred to keep his personal life hidden from the public eye, making only minor public appearances on behalf of his now-incarcerated sister.

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