Explanation and Recap of Extrapolations Episode 5

Explanation and Recap of Extrapolations Episode 5 ...

'Extrapolations' is an anthology series developed by Apple TV+ that follows several characters as they deal with climate change and other environmental challenges in the near future. The fifth episode, titled '2059 Part II: Nightbirds,' explores India's dark criminal underbelly.

Recap of Episode 5 of Extrapolations

The fifth episode, '2059 Part II: Nightbirds,' is set in India and is a continuation of the previous episode that follows Gita Mishra. In the episode, Gaurav (Adarsh Gourav of 'The White Tiger,' he is assigned a job as his bodyguard.

Olivia Drew (Keri Russell of 'Cocaine Bear') follows Gaurav and Neel on their journey, where they find a police checkpost with a special tiffin box they are carrying.

Neel intervenes and shoots Gaurav and Neel dead, but he says he only kills when necessary, and that he always saves a life for every life he gives. They then meet Anusha, the Madam, who describes the tiffin box as a sophisticated storage device used during the day.

Gaurav and Neel examine the tiffin with Dr. Harbaksh's fingerprint, discovering packets of several seeds inside. Moreover, the seeds do not belong to any of the big corporations that have monopolized the seed industry. In the meantime, Neel is more optimistic because he anticipates rain, and the seeds will produce a fresh harvest.

While Gaurav and Neel leave the car to save one of the children who has fallen unconscious during a day out in a small village, Gaurav becomes determined to save his life.

Is Neel Dead?Are the Seeds Special?The Ending of Extrapolations

Gaurav tries to save Neel from his imminent death. However, Drew loses his footing and claims the tiffin. Drew holds Gaurav at gunpoint and attempts to kill him. However, Drew regains his momentum and rescues Neel from the victim.

As the rain begins to pouring down, Neel dies trying to save Gaurav. As he wishes to ensure the parcel reaches its intended destination, Gaurav completes the task of delivering the tiffin to its desired location. According to the scientist, the seeds are indeed special.

Gaurav's experiences and time with Neel have fundamentally altered him. Initially, Gaurav believed that the earth would end soon due to several environmental issues. However, after seeing the rainfall, Gaurav's beliefs seem to cement, as Neel had predicted.

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