Is Jasmine Batchelors Detective Tonie Churlish, who worked with Law & Order, considering leaving?

Is Jasmine Batchelors Detective Tonie Churlish, who worked with Law & Order, considering leaving? ...

Tonie Churlish, who has been porttained by Jasmine Batchelor, is one of the most well-known characters in 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.' She is currently a plainclothes officer with the Manhattan Special Victims Unit, where she was one of the few uncorrupted officers that she did not like, aside from Detective Terry Bruno, who is not only incorruptible but also outspoken about it. In Season 24, episode 10, Churlish meets

Benson initiates an investigation on a closed rape case on Bruno's suggestion, earning Benson's respect. She later moves to Manhattan from the Bronx, becoming a part of Benson's team. SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happens to Detective Tonie Churlish?

Three new detectives have been recruited for the Manhattan SVU following Rollins' departure. Grace Muncy is a former member of the Bronx gang, who appears in a recording after Benson.

Benson is concerned about Churlish and Velasco's frosty relationship in episode 17, which is titled "Lime Chaser." Muncy's younger brother arrives at the bar a short time after, hitting Churlish.

The SVU starts an investigation on their newest case: Abby was raped by two Canadian men staying at a high-end hotel. Teddy becomes a part of the investigation when his photo is discovered with the bartender who served Abby drinks before she lost consciousness.

Churlish arranges to act as a bait in the hopes of convincing Benson to go on her own. However, Churlish does end up being drugged because she was in the lime slices. He is later taken to a hotel room where Teddy is waiting for them after showing him a photo of Muncy.

Teddy repels Teddy and collects her own urine, knowing that the drugs will be there when Churlish recovers consciousness. Interpol arrests the two Canadian men who raped Abby.

Is Jasmine Batchelor on her way out of Law & Order: SVU?

Batchelor is unlikely to leave 'Law & Order: SVU.' Churlish has a candid conversation with Benson, who says she must now win back her trust. She also asks the younger woman if she is going to the Manhattan SBU for the right reasons and not for promotions.

Batchelor began her acting career with the short film '18 Actors,' and has since appeared in 'Miss 2059,' 'The Good Fight,' and the documentary 'New Amsterdam.' Her other recent projects include 'I'll Be There,' and 'Three Birthdays.'

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