Everything You Need to Know About Bunnie XO and the Pairs Relationship Jelly Rolls Wife

Everything You Need to Know About Bunnie XO and the Pairs Relationship Jelly Rolls Wife ...

  • Jelly Roll is a country rapper climbing the charts since 2011
  • The musician was nominated for three CMT Music Awards in 2023
  • He married Bunnie OX in 2016 and has 2 children from previous relationships

Jelly Roll has been dominating the country rap music market since the start, thanks to his lovely wife, Bunnie XO! The couple is finally seeing their teamwork come to fruition at the 2023 CMT Awards, where Jelly will be performing and hoping to win one of three nominations for his single "Son of a Sinner."

Jelly said of Bunnie to Music Mayhem Magazine. "She's always supported me.""She's always supported me."

Bunnie Hosts A Major Podcast

Bonnie appeared to be born in 1992, according to Taste of Country Nights, as an "exotic model/host" and a "high school dropout who started her YouTube career." She then relaunched it into an even more successful podcast called The Dumb Blonde Podcast.

Bunnie has over 900k followers on her Instagram, of course!

Meet-Cute of Bunnie and Jelly

According to Music Mayhem, Jelly Roll wed Bunnie, who was apparently the first lady to meet her at one of her concerts in Las Vegas, Nevada, in Aug. 2016.

According to the rapper, the meet-cute was electric to the touch. "I felt her heart," he said. "When I hugged her, I could just sense the genuineness of her."

Jelly loves her 'weirdness,' and she's so enthused.

Bunnie shared a sweet video of the couple sitting together at a wedding and they immediately begin flinging off each other.

Bunnie Is Jelly's Stepmother.The Children's

Jelly was a father of two children when he fell in love with Bunnie. A previous relationship resulted in a son named Noah Buddy DeFord, who was born in 2016, and a different romance resulted in his daughter Bailee Ann DeFord being welcomed in May 2008.

Jelly Roll said of Music Mayhem. "We've had custody of her for the last nine years." "It just takes a genuine selfless person to assist in the birth of a child." Bunnie is also the stepmother to Noah.

Jelly has been dubbed one of Bunnie's ex-'abusive' actors.

Jelly Roll said of her first encounter with Bunnie during an interview with King and the Sting and the Wing Clips. She said, 'Yo. Plug me in with Jelly.' The rest is herstory!

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