Everything You Need to Know About His Fiancee and Past Relationships in Jonah Hills Girlfriend

Everything You Need to Know About His Fiancee and Past Relationships in Jonah Hills Girlfriend ...

  • Jonah Hill is an Oscar-nominated actor, known for movies like ‘Superbad’, ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’, and many more.
  • Jonah Hill is currently dating Olivia Millar.
  • The couple sparked engagement rumors when she was seen with a ring on her finger.

Jonah Hill is an exceptionally talented actor who can take on a wide spectrum of roles. He has received Academy Award nominations for his roles in films like The Wolf of Wall Street and Moneyball, as well as his return to comedy for big-hits like Sausage Party.

Jonah, 39, has been romantically linked to a number of different women over the years. He believes that he would've settled down at a younger age if he hadn't been an actor in a 2014 interview with The Guardian.

Olivia "Liv" Millar was spotted wearing what appeared to be an engagement ring on her finger in recent photos, via DailyMail. Neither has confirmed whether or not they're engaged.

Olivia Millar has been on the verge of becoming a professional actress.

According to People, Jonah and Liv have been seeing each other since September 2022. Liv works in fashion. According to her Instagram bio, the couple was photographed at a children's clothing store in January.

Sarah Brady is a model and actress.

Jonah was a surfer before meeting Olivia and she regularly posts pictures and videos of her on social media. According to her Instagram bio, Sarah is a law student and Jonah was never aware of the news. In the fall, he was seen with Liv.

Gianna Santos is a model and actress.

According to E! News, Jonah and Gianna first proposed in September 2019, after the pair had dated for a year.

Brooke Glazer is a retired model.

Jonah was said to be dating dietician Brooke Glazer in spring 2014, according to Us Weekly, and the pair were seen kissing while having a romantic park date in May of that year. The relationship was later said to have ended by early 2015, according to AZ Central.

Isabelle McNally is a lawyer in the United Kingdom.

According to Us Weekly, Jonah was reportedly seeing actress Isabelle McNally before they began dating in September 2013. She is also an actress, having performed in numerous films and series. Per IMDb.

Alana Haim is a French writer.

According to Star, Jonah was reportedly linked to musician Alana Haim, 31, from the same indie rock duo. “They struck it off and began dating almost immediately,” according to a friend.

Alexandra Hoffman is a lawyer.

Jonah was briefly linked to Dustin Hoffman's youngest daughter Alexandra, 35, during a nine-month relationship, according to DailyMail. The pair reportedly met on the set of "Actors on Actors," and they discussed the film Why Him during a conversation with Dustin.

Jordan Klein is a businessman.

According to Us Weekly, Jonah was romantically linked with Jordan Klein while he was still in college. The couple reportedly called it quits in October 2011.

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