The game game of the year edition of Evil Dead is coming next month

The game game of the year edition of Evil Dead is coming next month ...

Evil Dead The Game Game Of The Year Edition will be available on Steam and Epic Games Store on 26 April 2023. This will also be the first time that the game will be available on Steam.

This new edition of the legendary multiplayer game "Who's Your Daddy" includes the whole base game as well as a slew of new content from six DLC packs.

New surprises for the Survivors and Demons inspired by the STARZ series Ash vs Evil Dead are included in the "Who's Your Daddy" DLC.

  • New Survivor – Brock Williams: Ash’s old man himself, Brock is immune to knockbacks and has several auras he can unleash to help his squadmates. These auras change dynamically based on how many Williams family members are on the team.
  • New Demon – Schemer: Based on the notorious demon boss Baal, the Schemer is a trap specialist who confuses Survivors with illusions. His Meat Puppets inflict increased damage with a variety of attacks based on the fear levels of the Survivors.
  • New outfits for Ash, Amanda, and Pablo.
  • Additional downloadable content included in Evil Dead: The Game – Game of the Year Edition feature a range of bonus playable Survivors and Demons with unique powers and abilities, as well as tons of cosmetics to customize your experience.

It's a great timing, considering that the upcoming Evil Dead Rise film will also be released around the same time in April 2023.

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