The New Playable Pokemon Is Lapras in Pokemon Unites

The New Playable Pokemon Is Lapras in Pokemon Unites ...

Lapras will be the next Pokemon to join the roster on April 13, 2023, according to the official Pokemon Unite YouTube channel. Usually, a video demonstrates a new Pokemon's moves shortly before they are released in the game.

The original Pokemon color Lapras was used in several anime adventures where Ash and his companions rode between various islands on their backs. It also appeared several times in the original Pokemon Red and Blue, but later it was found in the more recent Sword and Shield.

Pokemon Unite is expanding rapidly, with the previous addition being the Dragon-type Pokemon Goodra. Goodra was known for its survivability, especially with moves that heal itself and slow enemies. This year, Zacian and Comfey are also expected to be added to the roster in December 2022.

Pokemon Unite is now available on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. Lapras will be added to the game's roster on April 13th 2023.

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