The E3 2023 event has been canceled

The E3 2023 event has been canceled ...

We all saw it coming, didn't we? ReedPop and The ESA have announced that E3 2023 would be canceled. While the event was scheduled to begin on June 13, things didn't go quite as planned. Many people were unsure whether or not the event would continue.

A Major Doubt Amidst Reports of Cancelation in E3 2023

Several companies have announced that they would not participate in this year's E3 this year. Ubisoft, Sega, and Tencent have also announced that they would not be a part of the event in 2023.

ReedPop and ESA have announced the cancellation of E3 2023 in their most recent tweet on the E3 official page. They've announced that both the physical and digital versions of the event will be phased off in the coming years.

While all big names have already announced their showcase events, E3 has always held a special place. Separate virtual events are nice, but live streaming can't compete with the sensational sensational.

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