After meeting with a snowcat, Jeremy Renner spoke about his injuries

After meeting with a snowcat, Jeremy Renner spoke about his injuries ...

The entire interview will be shown only on April 6, but some fragments are already there.

Jeremy Renner, an actor, is still recuperating from a snowcat accident. He has gained weight, began walking independently, and is eager to share his story with the rest of the world.

A special episode of ABC News' "Jeremy Renner Interview with Diana Sawyer: A Story of Horror, Survival, and Triumph" will be broadcast on April 6, with the actor discussing the incident, his recovery, and his plans for the future. Here's what we learned from a short teaser.

Renner attempted to save his nephew from a snow block. And, for that reason, he fell under the tracks of a 7-ton Sno-Cat snowmobile.

In the teaser, you can hear a recording of a 911 call. The actor is groaning in pain, and the people around him tell him to "keep breathing."

Renner suffered eight ribs in 14 places, the right knee, the left ankle, the right collarbone, the right shoulder, and the jawbone, as well as a lung injury. The bone part of the rib pierced the liver, and the bone portion of the rib pierced the liver.

Despite the number and severity of injuries, Jeremy decided not to die. There is still the possibility of an amputation, despite the fact that he was not allowed to die.

Renner describes the experience he encountered as "an experience" and claims that he is not easily killed.

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