God of War Ragnark: The Making of the Incredible Sound

God of War Ragnark: The Making of the Incredible Sound ...

A video artist for God of War Ragnarök shows us how she created the soundtrack for the RPG. Some funny tools are used.

God of War Ragnarök has won many awards at the Game Awards 2022, including an award for Best Audio Design. Wired video shows who is behind the loudspeakers found in many Sony first-party games.

The video offers some helpful insights into how objects are used and how they are used to make familiar sounds.

The horse trampling becomes a bell chime.

Joanna Fang, the person who created the soundscape for various Sony exclusive titles, is the person who shows us her studio and the everyday objects that create the amazing sounds. The studio is stuffed with various materials in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

She explains how many of the sounds that we then hear in the finished video game are created. For example, she uses two suction bells to clean the toilet.

She chooses coal, which produces an almost identical sound, and when she eats vegetables, fruit, and pasta, she can also imitate sounds that resemble the splintering sound of broken bones.

She is also the proud owner of a number of weapons that create the metal sound in video games.

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She explains how the bar fight from "God of War Ragnarök" came about. She uses leather, which she crumples to break Atreus' hold on music.

During the battle, all kinds of wood will also fly, making a lot of noise. She uses a pallet and two wooden planks to make noise.

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