Menstrual breaks are introduced by CD Projekt RED

Menstrual breaks are introduced by CD Projekt RED ...

A similar program was implemented in the GOG store a while back.

Studio CD Projekt RED has begun offering so-called "menstrual holidays" for its staff. Women working at CD Projekt may take vacations from their periods as a result of this.

The new guideline, according to CD Projekt, will aid in the creation of a more pleasant work environment.

Similar vacations took place in the CD Projekt GOG store in spring of 2022. The experience was deemed to be beneficial and it was decided to extend it to the whole company.

CD Projekt did not explain how the "menstrual leave" system works. Everything worked as this in GOG:

The employee decides everything herself. "Menstrual leave" is paid. It is expected that it will be one day per month on average.

Representatives of GOG and CD Projekt have never disclosed statistics on the use of "menstrual holidays."

This is an interesting piece of information.

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