Saints Row is being rebuilt as a result of a roadmap

Saints Row is being rebuilt as a result of a roadmap ...

The Saints Row series restart was announced in August last year. The project after the release received far less appreciative reviews from the players, both from fans of the franchise as well as newcomers. At the same time, the game had gameplay, but also technical issues at the start, which the developers have been rectifying in recent months.

Saints Row's developers have issued a roadmap that calls for the release of at least three paid DLCs in the next months.

The first DLC for The Heist and The Hazardous will be released in May and will include story missions, events, cosmetics, and more. The second DLC for Doc Ketchum's Murder Circus will be released in July and will include new story missions, enemies, and cosmetics, although it has not been named yet.

Below you can see the developers' roadmap for Saints Row's development.

Paid DLC is also offered for free updates, including new content.

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