Resident Evil 4's wall with four recesses is a puzzle with slabs

Resident Evil 4's wall with four recesses is a puzzle with slabs ...

In Resident Evil 4 Remake, here's how to solve the slab puzzle and get through the four-hole barrier.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Wall with Four Recesses

In the eighth chapter, you'll find yourself in the bookbinding workshop, as you return the scarlet lantern to its original position in the wine cellar. To continue moving forward in the story, you'll have to pass through four holes.

The first three lithographic plates will be found in the center of the room. The second will be located inside the cabinet with a glass display case, and the third will be located near the entrance to the room.

In the bookbinding workshop, how do I solve the slab puzzle?

After collecting all of the plates, go to the wall with four recesses and insert them in any order. After that, you may not only swap them, but also rotate them, since each plate has an image on both sides.

The place where you placed the plates must be set up, as shown in the screenshot below. To select a solution, you must start from the drawing itself, its color, and the shape around the image: The tablet's outline must match the one that is drawn next to it:

Bottom = blue chest armor in a hexagon, and Right = orange helmet in a square.

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