John Wick's four films have killed how many people?

John Wick's four films have killed how many people? ...

Despite their excessive violence, Keanu Reeves' exceptional skill and the vast array of actors that include John Wick's films have created a wonderful collection and a very good opinion among all critics.

John Wick is a true superman, capable of defeating literally tens of thousands of enemies per film, sometimes even with his bare hands.

John Wick has been charged with recording all of the films' eliminations or murders, and the final count after four tapes is staggering.

In John's first film Wick, the protagonist murdered 77 people. In chapter 2, perhaps having perfected his technique, he slaughtered 128 more people.


John Wick 4's long-awaited sequel with Keanu Reeves gets a fresh trailer.

In chapter 3 of Parabellum, John Wick seemed to slowed down, killing 94 people. In the first three films, John Wick killed 299 enemies.

John Wick has become much more dangerous and has eliminated 140 more people, increasing the total of enemies in the four films to 439.

What are the numbers of enemies that he has killed per minute?

We may make even more outrageous claims if we consider that the first three John Wick films occurred in the span of a week.

It is from this analysis that we may come to the conclusion that in each of the four John Wick films there are a few deaths per minute that will surprise you, such as these:

A fatality occurred on average every 1 minute and 18 seconds, within the film's time of 101 minutes. In John Wick 3, he made an average elimination every 1 minute and 23 seconds, within the film's 130 minute runtime. In John Wick 4, there has been a fatality on average every 1 minute and 20 seconds.

John kills an average of 42.7 people per day, taking into account the entire original trilogy that occurred over the course of a week.

The original John Wick script, which was discarded, showed a somewhat less passive character, "with only a few eliminations."

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