Crucible of Exile: Forge of Titans, Boss Kill Event, and many more new features

Crucible of Exile: Forge of Titans, Boss Kill Event, and many more new features ...

Grinding Gear Games showed us a sneak peek at Crucible, the next free update that will once again alter the game's structure and build styles.

The Crucible League in Path of Exile includes a brand new mode linked to the new weapon skill tree. Players will therefore be able to take part in Crucible Forge challenges, as well as special activities scattered around the map where the user's skill is put to the test.

Our character begins to face waves of increasing difficulty in order to progress in the skill tree linked to the weapon used. It's not a simple task, but it will require effort and dedication.

Along with the regular difficulties, we also discover a more complex one that, according to what was declared by the developers, represents the apex of the expansion's difficulty: we are talking about the Forge of the Titans, a special place where exploration is made possible.

Only players who have unlocked a Crucible item will be able to use it. These rare items serve as a map, and are equipped with modifiers that may favor or disadvantage the warrior on duty. This implies that the difficulty is high, and only those who make the most of the bonuses can survive and get their hands on a special location. This feature, though unrecognisable, results in an unpredictable outcome.

The Atlas Gateways, a unique system, should offer far greater freedom in the construction of a build, as we all know how extensive the production skill trees are, and that players will have to make precise decisions in the distribution of points, since focusing on one direction implies the impossibility of orienting toward another.

The Atlas Gateways are a great way to use skill points on other levels.

The passive tree has also been modified constantly in order to enhance build possibilities. The team claims to have taken a thorough look at the old screen, noting that some options had little impact on the gameplay and required a twist to make them more interesting.

Players who join Crucible for the first time will notice some significant changes in this particular skill tree, as well as an increase in the mastery options. In this case the team wanted both to more reflect their respective identities, and therefore some enhancements were made.

The Saboteur was created so that even non-focused on traps and mines could have their say. In this regard, the Trigger specialization was introduced, which is based on two different passives: the first, Like Clockwork, has an effect on both player and god skills.

enemies: such a move might have very interesting consequences in boss fights, since in the case of Maven, it would reduce the frequency with which the most deadly spells are invoked. Perfect Crime, on the other hand, is a passive due to which devices capable of duplicating the action of spells can be summoned. A system has also been implemented that allows the recovery of several passives that modify the damage and the effects of some abilities.

In the previous Path of Exile expansion, there was a focus on melee abilities, but this time the developers wanted to include Vaal Skills of various types.

The update should include nine new abilities, including Vaal Lightning Arrow, which is a series of deadly bullets that strike each target that passes through, and which may go off-balance depending on their trajectory. Vaal Reap is also quite nasty, with which the player summons a ring made of scythes that inflicts more damage.

The developers have chosen to exploit the many unique equipment components that will help you create builds that make the most of each bonus.

Crucible will be expanded further with the Sanctum expansion (find out more here). Challenges will be included in the next update for solo players, in which players will be confronted with particularly dangerous enemies.

It is no coincidence that the team members themselves have referred to it as the most difficult event ever included in Path of Exile. In short, it appears that fans of the game will have bread for their teeth when Crucible is released in a week.

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