Small keys in Resident Evil 4 Remake: Where to Find them throughout the chapters?

Small keys in Resident Evil 4 Remake: Where to Find them throughout the chapters? ...

Resident Evil 4 Remake small keys: where can I find them throughout the chapters?

Published on 03/30/2023 at 21:00

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During your Resident Evil 4, you will be able to get your hands on small keys that will allow you to open drawers and collect rewards. In this article, we will show you where each of these keys is located!

Chapter 2's little keys

The first small keys that you will come across in Resident Evil 4 are at the level of Chapter 2 of the game. The first is located in the valley near the entrance to the large hut where you will find a hexagonal piece in the roof. The key is then stored in a small box on a shelf.

The second small key in this Chapter will require you to go to the village chief's mansion. Once you have reached ground floor level, go next to a window. There, you should discover that second key.

Chapter 3's Little Key

Let's continue our adventure, this time heading towards Chapter 3 of the game, where there is only one small key available. This last one is located at the level of the fish farm. Go to the office and look through the drawers for yours.

Chapter 4's minor keys

Rebelote is a game that consists of two small keys that you will need to grab your hands for in this chapter 4. The first one is located in the woods, where you will find it. Go to the cart nearby and you'll find it.

The second key to the chapter will be presented at the church where Ashley will be greeted. There is a desk with a riddle that you must solve. It is to the right of the latter that you will find the second key.

Chapter 8's Little Key

Before we get the next key, let's go into the future a few chapters. To be specific, we will have to wait for Chapter 8. Right after solving the puzzle of the lithographic stones, you will arrive in a room where the key is located on a wooden chest.

Chapter 9's Little Key

No need to take a major leap forward to obtain the next key from Chapter 9 of Resident Evil 4 Remake. Go upstairs, between the great hall and the armor room. You should see the key on a dresser.

The Little Key to Chapter 12

The final small key in Resident Evil 4 can be found in Chapter 12 of the game. Go near the ballroom and the merchant. You should see a small box on a table where you will find the game's last small key.

That's all there is to it, and you should now have the eight small keys that are available in Resident Evil 4. Enough to improve your weapons, of which we provided you with a tier list a few days ago.

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