Survive the Wilds Tiny Elves Survival in Smalland

Survive the Wilds Tiny Elves Survival in Smalland ...

Every year, we can see a wide range of the most varied survival games. Many of them are identical to each other, but only a few stand out for their setting, gameplay, or other features.

Smalland: Survive the Wilds is a game that we will review in this review. The answer to this question will also be provided in the text below.

We start the game fairly standardly: by imagining a character with a few choices, such as gender, face, and others. You have to play as a small folk of a fantasy race, similar to humans, but equal in size to an ant.

After finishing the creation of the hero and sending him into the world, we are taught how to acquire the necessary supplies for initial survival (satisfying hunger, maintaining temperature). Then comes the plot's final stage with a variety of tasks, such as rescuing their own species, finding keys, shrines, and so on.

The land used in the building industry is readily available and the building system is interesting. However, there are still unresolved deficiencies.

Tasks during and after the tutorial are optional, and you may always withdraw from them for the sake of constructing your own house. On trees, on the banks of rivers, you may construct almost anywhere, as long as the foundation is small and even.

Since this is an early access project, only grass and wood elements with a minimum of textures and a drop of furniture are presented. There are significantly more weapons and armor options available, but they also open up quite quickly.

Air targets may only be reached by a bow or jumping with a melee weapon.

Smalland currently loses out on most features, including crafting and the number of elements to build, as well as the gameplay itself isn't that great. For example, I started to notice motion sickness as a result of the constant shaking of the screen while jumping or landing from a height or riding insects.

Smalland is adamant that animals are intelligent, and it is implemented almost like in the real world: ants steal food, raid for prey, split into scouts, etc., and other creatures do not attack unless necessary, although the elements of reasonable behavior are not visible.

Beetles and ants are currently the most popular enemies in the game, and there are quite a lot of them.

Many animals (even passive ones) acquire the so-called "predatory" version of the moon at night and go in packs, which is why it is necessary to stay awake the night at the house. And if a storm starts, you have to sit in the room for ten minutes.

Only the world of Smalland seemed interesting enough at the time. It's huge and offers plenty of choices for things to see, such as trade, raid bosses. There's a change in day and night, seasons, and weather options, but this will not delaying the game for a long time.

The map is quite large, but it's still monotonous. The research is initially quite interesting.

Bottom line: the project isn't recommended for now, especially for survival enthusiasts. You may help the developers, but until a better gameplay is implemented and new content is added, the game will not last long and will not be very enjoyable. Additional content is planned as early as this year, 2023, according to the authors' roadmap.

The list of improvements will include a new biome, weapons, armor, creatures, a third level for building, NPCs, and more. In the future, they will add official servers as well.

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