Before Horizon 3, Guerrillas multiplayer Horizon is expected

Before Horizon 3, Guerrillas multiplayer Horizon is expected ...

The next Guerrilla Games project will not be a continuation of Horizon Forbidden West, but a multiplayer spin-off of the Aloy franchise. Players who want more Aloy adventures will have to wait for the next main installment of the Horizon series, but they will have a new game to explore the post-apocalyptic world.

Guerrilla unveiled a new multiplayer game set in the Horizon universe last December. This upcoming game will have a different feel than previous entries in the Horizon franchise, as this February Guerrilla released Horizon Call of the Mountain as a launch game for Sony's latest VR headset.

Guerrilla Games has posted a new job description that says the studio is looking for a lead world designer for the upcoming Horizon multiplayer game. This multiplayer spin-off will be Guerrilla's next game, thus the sequel to Horizon Forbidden West will not be announced until the project is completed.

Fans of the Horizon multiplayer spin-off may wait for the official release date but can also anticipate the DLC for Horizon Forbidden West. The Burning Shores expansion, scheduled for release on April 19, will continue Aloy's journey as she explores Los Angeles and the threat looming over the city.

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