Skies of Arcadia: The cult role-playing game is in the works, according to the developers

Skies of Arcadia: The cult role-playing game is in the works, according to the developers ...

Fans have repeatedly pushed for the role-playing classic "Skies of Arcadia" to make a comeback. According to Nick Baker, this wish might come true in the near future.

The Overworks-developed "Skies of Arcadia" (2000) was released for the Gamecube (2003) after the Dreamcast failed. The conclusion was that "Skies of Arcadia" was a commercial failure.

Both a potential successor and a PlayStation 2 port were canceled as a result of the decline in sales. Skies of Arcadia is still a popular Japanese RPG title, as well as a potential HD remake in the past.

The current "Xbox Era" podcast contains information about industry insider Nick Baker, who is considered a trustworthy source. A HD remake of the role-playing classic is in the works.

Sega has yet to respond to an email.

Baker did not reveal which studio is responsible for the remaster, but pointed out that his sources sent him the first screenshots of the new version. Baker explained that the remaster is in the works, but whether or not it will be released depends on Sega.

The Japanese publisher has not decided to comment on the suggestions for a remaster of "Skies of Arcadia." However, in the past, Sega liked to bring back older classics in the form of technically advanced remakes or remakes, such as "Shenmue", "Yakuza", or "Yakuza 2." So it's quite possible that fans of "Skies of Arcadia" may also look forward to a similar remaster.

"Skies of Arcadia" was created as a classic Japanese role-playing game with turn-based combat. Players take control of aspiring sky pirate Vyse, who one fateful day finds himself embroiled in a quest to discover ancient magical weapons that may wreak havoc on the entire world.

More information on the topic can be found here.

The typical turn-based battles were spiced up again and again by battles with airships.

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